Get Ready for CONCLAVE 2013
Oct. 18-20, 2013 in Sierra Vista

Are You Ready for the W6W Conclave?

We are weeks away from the best OA weekend ever!! I know that the Section Leadership is hard at work planning, planning and planning some more, so that you will be able to have a great time.

In order to fully utilize this W6W Patch Auction site, we will be taking your donations of patches, books, regalia or anything else Scout-related to bring you the best auction ever!!

We are requesting that your donations PLEASE be sent to Gary Hnydowitz (see below) no later than October 7, so we have time to upload the pictures to the site.

Pickup of donation items is available, so start getting your items together!! This way we'll be able to advertise our auction all over the Section, Region and country.


As in years past, we have given a special "donor" patch to those who have contributed $100 or more for the auctions. The Section will still reward all of you that donate items to the auction, so start getting your donations together ASAP.

We will still have the Youth Only live auction, as well as a silent auction open to everyone. We'll cap it off with the general live auction at the end. If we get all of your donations by Sept. 15 we will have a superb live auction as we can advertise one month in advance.

If you still want to bring your items to the Conclave, that'll be fine, but we’d like to get them early for the reasons stated earlier. For those of you that wish to donate to the Youth Only auction, that path is still available, just let us know in advance.

Don’t forget to REGISTER FOR CONCLAVE as soon as you can,
as you'll earn the "early registration patch".

Thanks... and we'll see you at the W6W Section Conclave, Oct. 18-20, 2013.

Contact Patchmaster Gary via email,
or phone him at 602-469-0824
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